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VMScluster autogenerated status:
NodeNameHW NameOS VersionStatusUpTime
SNOTRAAlphaServer 800 5/500OpenVMS V8.3OnLine44 10:39:08
FREYJACOMPAQ AlphaServer DS10L 617 MHzOpenVMS V8.4DedicatedN/A
SIRINPersonal WorkStation 500auOpenVMS V8.3DedicatedN/A
SIGYNAlphaServer ES40OpenVMS V8.3OfflineN/A
GNOWEEMicroVAX 3100OpenVMS V7.3UnknownN/A
MRIYAVAX-11/780OpenVMS V7.3DedicatedN/A
HERAVAX-11/780OpenVMS V7.3UnknownN/A

Intranet Services

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